What Clients Say About Us…

It’s important that you know what sellers have to say about their experience with us. In the end, it’s about finding the right solution for you. And we work hard to see if we can find one that works for you. It’s about earning and keeping your trust in the sales process. After all, selling a house is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Of course, you want to work with someone that not only has the right level of experience but whom you can trust to handle the sale properly, keep you updated and work with you through any potential issues that might arise.

With all the companies that buy houses reviews online, how do you find the right one? We suggest reading verifiable reviews, asking questions, and if need be, asking for references. It’s pretty easy to do some credible research online nowadays. It’s also important to ask questions, even ones that might be uncomfortable. Why worry about it when you can just ask? Personally, I encourage it.

Below, you can read what clients have said about us in the past. And feel free to check us out on these reputable review sites: Yelp (5-Star reviews), the Better Business Bureau (we maintain an A+ rating), Zillow, Houzz, TrustLink and Google Reviews (5 Stars).

Bottom line, we’re not happy if you’re not happy. That’s why we will maintain an open line of communication with you both during and after escrow. Don’t hesitate to call us at any time with your questions or concerns. That’s what we are here for. And if we don’t know the answer, we are only a phone call away from someone who is.

Want to share your own experience with us? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a note to let us know what working with Jennifer Buys Houses has been like for you.

“I must say Jennifer is a calm insightful upfront buyer that goes the extra mile that most would rather not go.”

“The Shenbaum Group, Inc turned out to be just the company I needed when selling my home in Los Angeles. CA. Before calling them I had been through a bitter deal and thought that investor buyers were the new slugs of the business world. Then I reached Jennifer at the Shenbaum Group in Redondo Beach, CA. I must say Jennifer is a calm insightful upfront buyer that goes the extra mile that most would rather not go. Without a doubt, for me, the Shenbaum Group is a fair and concerned company that anyone will be happy to be working with. Their help was more than I expected during the entire sale.

- Michael O., Los Angeles, CA

“Jennifer’s concern for us removed any worries or doubts from the process, from beginning to end.”

Jennifer stood out from the many potential buyers for our trust’s property. She was so professional that I had no doubt who I wanted to sell to, regardless of the final negotiated price. During the escrow process, The Shenbaum Group took care of everything and was always there to answer questions. Jennifer’s concern for us removed any worries or doubts from the process, from beginning to end… which was done fast and on time! I cannot recommend The Shenbaum Group highly enough!”

- Glen R., Laguna Hills, CA

“Jennifer is very easy-going, kind, patient, knowledgeable, responsive”

“We had the best experience working with Jennifer Shenbaum on several design projects (website, branding, etc).  Jennifer is definitely one of our favorite clients to work with.  Jennifer is very easy-going, kind, patient, knowledgeable, responsive, etc.  I could go on and on.  Working with Jennifer is a real treat and you’ll see the passion she has for her work.  We’ve also had the pleasure of working with Lauren who is very detailed and responsive.  You’ll absolutely love them! “

- Amanda P, Temecula, CA

“The interaction with them, during the sale of my property, exceeded my expectations.”

“Jennifer and The Shenbaum Group proved to be very professional, and trustworthy.  The interaction with them, during the sale of my property, exceeded my expectations. Jennifer from The Shenbaum Group, Inc., contacted me about my property.  Jennifer arranged to see the property and neighborhood. After her inspection, she made me an offer, sent me comps, a link to her company website, and proof of the funds available to cover the purchase price.  Jennifer offered a fair price for my property and her formal offer was simple and easy to understand.  Jennifer took care of everything regarding the property.  She made phone calls, submitted applications, scheduled inspections, worked relentlessly with the City to allow escrow to close prior to the required repairs by assuming the responsibility for the repairs.  She sent me copies of all documents and kept me informed.  Escrow closed on time, and as agreed. It was a pleasure working with Jennifer and The Shenbaum Group. If I had to rate them on a scale on 1 to 10, they would definitely be a 10.”

- Marilyn L., Riverside, CA

“She was accommodating, fair and very generous.”

“My husband and I are so lucky to be living in a beautiful home that we bought from Jennifer at The Shenbaum Group.  Jennifer made the entire process so easy for us.  She was accommodating, fair and very generous. Jennifer was responsive and understanding and took care of every request that we had during our Escrow process.  Jennifer has a vision and cares deeply about customer service.  We cannot praise her enough.”

- Michelle A., Encino

“We were looking to sell our house quickly.  We contacted others that gave very low offers and a lot of pressure to close the deal.  When Jennifer came to our home she was very thoughtful and kind.  She gave us an offer far above the others.  When it came time to move, we had delays on our end and she was more than generous with extra time.  We would highly recommend The Shenbaum Group.”

- Doris K., Altadena

“My house needed major repairs and I did not want to put the time and money into it, so I decided to sell quickly.  I contacted a few other companies, but they either low balled me or were too flaky.  Jennifer got back to me right away and answered all my questions.  When she explained how easy the process was, I thought it was too good to be true and there must be a catch. No catch, just simple and straightforward.

Her customer service skills are top notch.  She always responds to emails and phone calls quickly, and she updated me more than the escrow company did.  She is a good listener and is very understanding and flexible about scheduling needs.  Because of my schedule, I regret I did not get to meet her in person.  She is super nice, caring and fair, qualities you would not expect in a cutthroat business such as flipping houses, but these qualities will guarantee her much success.”

- Dani J., Norwalk, CA

“She was upfront, honest and accommodating.”

“Jennifer Shenbaum from The Shenbaum Group provided a lovely product for us to sell and was also very easy to work with from the first meeting. She was upfront, honest and accommodating. Buyers were treated fairly and she cared about the details and product she delivered. I still get calls about her lovely home. I highly recommend her!

- Sherri N., West Los Angeles

“Let me just say that Jennifer Shenbaum is the most honest and trustworthy businessperson I have ever encountered.”

“I have never written an online review before. I am doing so now because of the extraordinary experience I had with Jennifer Shenbaum. Before I retired, I practiced business law for over 20 years and worked on hundreds, maybe thousands, of transactions. Let me just say that Jennifer Shenbaum is the most honest and trustworthy businessperson I have ever encountered.

I owned a second house in the Los Angeles area that I wanted to sell. The house had fallen into a state of substantial disrepair, so I decided to sell it “as is” to an investor, commonly referred to as a “flipper.”  A flipper is in the business of buying properties in subpar condition, putting in the money, time, energy, work and risk involved to bring them up to the necessary condition to sell (or perhaps, rent), hopefully at a profit, to “retail” buyers (or renters), i.e., people seeking a home to live in. The financial “win-win” in selling to an investor is that there are no brokerage commissions to deduct from the sales price (although the advantage of a broker is to make the process easier by dealing with the infinite amount of details involved in selling a house).

So, I went online and easily found a number of real estate investor websites seeking to buy single-family houses. I submitted several applications/questionnaires, and over the next several days my voice-mail and email were literally swamped with eager buyers. The competition in the flipping business is fierce. I met with every one of them at the house, including Jennifer.

Offers immediately started coming in my email. They were all very close in price, but they all raised issues: for some, the initial deposit was too low; some had longer escrow periods than I wanted; all of them wanted to split the closing costs; all of them wanted me to pay the transfer taxes (a not insignificant item and normally paid by the seller); they all used the onerous, really long standard realtor contracts, which are intended for retail buyers involving brokers, and then “marked them up” to reflect the significantly different circumstances of selling to an investor. This made me uncomfortable because it created a lot of legal ambiguities.

All the offers had an inspection contingency, meaning the buyer had a certain number of days (usually 5 – 7) to inspect the property and then ask the seller to fix specified things. If the seller refused, the buyer could walk from the deal. This made absolutely NO SENSE to me. The whole point of selling to an investor is to take a lower price precisely because you don’t want to do ANY repairs. I was concerned the buyers might just be using the inspection contingency to renegotiate the price while they had the property tied up in escrow.

The one exception was Jennifer. Selling to Jennifer Shenbaum eliminated every one of my concerns.

Her offer contained NO CONTINGENCIES, period. All I had to do was deliver clean title into escrow, she would put in the money, and we close. The closing was to take place in two weeks. She paid ALL closing costs, including the transfer taxes. (The only thing I would have to pay out of escrow would be my share of the pro-rated unpaid property taxes for the current property tax fiscal year). She told me she doesn’t use the standard form realtor contract, “because it’s basically written to protect the brokers,” a sentiment I fully shared. Her contract was one and a half pages long. Also, her offer matched the highest price I had received.

Unfortunately, some glitches in closing came from MY side, and instead of simply saying, “well that’s your problem,” she really helped me solve the problems. Other than that (again, which was on me), this was the easiest real estate transaction imaginable. All I had to do was sign the contract, sign the escrow documents, which reflected the simplicity of the deal, and wait two weeks until closing when the money hit my account. She took this on herself and fully relieved me of all of the innumerable details involved in a real estate sale.

Before I opened the email with my final closing statement from escrow, I couldn’t help feeling there would be some little extra charge in there, like “wire transfer fee” or something. Nope. The shortest escrow statement I’ve ever seen. Three lines:  purchase price, less property tax pro-ration, and net amount due buyer. And that’s the amount that hit my bank account.

As I said earlier, the flipping business is extremely competitive right now, and I am convinced she is simply going to cream the competition. She has a business model that basically takes ALL of her customers’ (buyers’) concerns involved in a house sale into account and SOLVES THEM:  No inspection contingency; no lengthy legal documentation; no uncertainty about escrow costs; quick closing; taking on herself all the little details; etc., etc.

If you’re thinking about selling your house to an investor, meet with several prospective ones, including Jennifer. I would be surprised if you didn’t sell to her.”

- Matthew K., West Hollywood, CA

“Jennifer was flexible throughout the whole obnoxious escrow phase and was helpful even after escrow closed!”

“Jennifer has a true passion for what she does: putting people into great homes! While she enjoys the process of fixing up houses and reselling them, I feel that at the core of her passion is getting people into a home that they love!  Jennifer was flexible throughout the whole obnoxious escrow phase and was helpful even after escrow closed!  Thank you, Jennifer, for our awesome home!  It rocks!”

- Joseph L., Pasadena, CA