We Buy Houses in Carson, California

We Buy Houses in Carson

If you are selling your house and need a simple guide on what to do next, here you go!

Top Tips For Selling Your House in Carson, CA

Here’s a short guide to help you as you get ready to sell your house in Carson, CA. It’s meant to help you think about the various factors that are involved.

Research the Carson Real Estate Market

First, you should look at the current conditions for your Carson CA real estate market. There are many ways to do that, but the fastest way to do that is to check the Zillow Market Forecast. To get an even more specific idea of your local market, use your Carson zip code to see what Zillow says. Since we buy houses in Redondo Beach frequently (and I live here), we like to use these forecasts to get a quick snapshot of the local markets.

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Look at the Recent Carson Home Sales

Also look at other Carson homes for sale and familiarize yourself with the local market. There are many ways to find Carson homes for sale, such as searching on Redfin, Zillow, or Trulia to name a few. Next, look to see how your house compares to other houses for sale in Carson, CA that are similar in location, size, and upgrades.  You will want to take that into account when determining how you are going to sell your house in Carson, CA.

When we buy houses in Carson, we make sure to take location into account, even if it’s in a super popular area. Why? Because every location has pros and cons. Popular areas tend to have more pros, of course, but does the property back up to a major street, is there traffic noise? Is it a two-on-a-lot with a smaller yard and neighbor very close by?

Check with the City of Carson Building and Safety

Next, contact the City of Carson Building and Safety to see if everything you or previous owners have done to the property is permitted. Specifically, you need to determine if you need to schedule a Carson Building Department inspection. In some cities, it is mandatory to have a home sale inspection report prior to closing escrow.

Luckily, these inspection reports can be waived in some cases, like when you sell to us. We typically waive the need for such a report, making the sale much easier. Remember, we buy houses in Carson and know our way around the city.

Consider that We Buy Houses in Carson

In fact, we helped a wonderful woman with a “tenant problem” that was causing her a great deal of frustration and worry. Her father had passed away a few years earlier, and the father’s caregivers didn’t move out upon his death, nor did they pay any rent. In fact, they had never paid rent and weren’t going to pay rent. But they were going to give her a hard time, keep the house in disarray, to put it nicely, and just make her life really hard.

We negotiated a fair market offer on the house and negotiated with the occupants, as well. The seller was so relieved that she didn’t have to worry anymore and she had cash in her bank account. This was a great ending to her story.

If you have a situation that has similar issues, such as too many repairs, tenant issues, an inherited property that’s too much to handle, it really is worth giving us a call or filling out the form. Turning the equity in a house into cash in the bank is always a good idea, even in a stronger real estate market. This is especially true if you don’t know how long it’s going to last.

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