5 Steps To Easily Sell Your House in Los Angeles

Are you thinking about selling a house in Los Angeles? You have many options when it is time to sell. If you choose to go the traditional route, follow the steps below! Or if you would prefer to get a direct offer on your property almost immediately, give The Shenbaum Group, Inc. a call today! (424) … Continued

How Foreclosure Will Impact You In Los Angeles

Across the country, people are still losing their homes to foreclosure every day. The banks are taking houses and leaving hard-working people with nothing to show for it. If you are behind on your mortgage, you don’t have to let the fear of foreclosure ruin you. There are alternatives! In our latest post, we explore … Continued

How To Sell Your House in Los Angeles

Are you getting ready to sell a Los Angeles house? Before you list it, learn about the different ways you are able to sell it. In our latest post, we explore your options and lay out the simple steps to sell your house in Los Angeles. When it comes time to sell your home in Los Angeles, … Continued

Best time to sell your house in Los Angeles

Best Time to Sell Your House in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is truly a remarkable city. Between the melting pot of a culture, the perfect shoreline, and the never-ending list of things to do, it’s no surprise that so many people want to live there. In fact, Los Angeles just hit the 4 million people mark last year after gaining over 40,000 people since … Continued

tools for home sellers

Top Tools For Home Sellers in Los Angeles

If you have decided to sell your house in Los Angeles, you might find the process to be a bit cumbersome. the good news is that it doesn’t have to be! In this most recent post, we will explore some of the best strategies and top tools for home sellers in Los Angeles. Create A Virtual Tour Think … Continued

7 Simple Repairs to Make Before Selling Your House

Selling Your House Even if you are not planning on remodeling your house for top-dollar, you should still do a few repairs to get the house ready to sell.  Here are top 7 simple repairs to consider before selling your house. And keep in mind, these are only the common repairs. It’s worthwhile to have a … Continued

Avoid Foreclosure

How To Avoid Foreclosure on Your House in Los Angeles

If you have found yourself getting too close to a foreclosure, there are a few things you can do to avoid losing your house to the lender. In this post, you will learn about several ways you can stop the lender from foreclosing on your Los Angeles house! It’s very important to do something when you are in … Continued

A Quick Look at the Housing Market

The real estate climate has gradually improved, little by little, since the big bust of 2008. Still, millions of Americans are underwater in their mortgages (owe the bank more than the home is worth) and it may take over a decade for this situation to reach acceptable levels. The holdover effects of the recession are … Continued

Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety

Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Safety For Your Home For many of us living in California, thoughts of “The Big One” linger in our minds. Even more so today. How many earthquakes in the past seven days alone have you read about? Also, I can’t help but wonder about all the people affected by two significant earthquakes struck Mexico in … Continued

We Buy Houses in Los Angeles – Talk to Jennifer Today

Jennifer Shenbaum, a Southern California Real Estate Investor Since 2006 Jennifer made the transition from a full-time corporate consulting career to real estate investing in 2005. She didn’t have much experience but was looking to become an entrepreneur in real estate. The housing crash was in full crisis mode by 2007, when Jennifer had two newly renovated properties … Continued