7 Simple Repairs to Make Before Selling Your House

(May 8, 2015)


Is the plan to sell your house fast?  If you aren't planning on remodeling your house for top-dollar, you should still do a few things to get the house ready to sell.  Here are 7 simple repairs to consider before selling your house.

Missing or Broken Roof Shingles 

A great way to turn-off buyers is to have a roof in need of repair.  Why?  Because a new roof is a huge cost item.  At minimum, make sure there are no missing or broken roof shingles.  If there are, hire a licensed roofing contractor to repair the roof.  

Rotting Wood Trim

Nothing makes a house for sale look rundown more the splitting or rotting trim on the exterior of a house.  Boards that are splitting, paint that is peeling or wood that is just rotted out - all of that makes a house look shoddy.  Consider replacing, caulking and repainting the bad wood to freshen your home’s appearance.

Dirty or Fogged Windows

Dirty windows require a few hours of elbow grease to make them shime.  While you are at it, clean the window sills and the window screens, too.  Fogged windows are a result of moisture that has built-up between dual panes.  The seal most likely failed. Though operational, foggy windows look dirty, even after a deep cleaning. If that is the case, consider repairing or replacing fogged window panes as needed.  

Leaky Finished Plumbing

Whether it's the faucets, showerheads or jet tubs, check for leaks from the finished plumbing before selling your house.  Mainly because a buyer's home inspector will write any leaks up in the home inspection report.  The better the report, the less credit back or repairs the buyers will ask for.  It also shows that you've been taking good care of your house.

Loose Railings

Make sure your house for sale is safe to potential buyers.  Not only is it a turn-off to have railings wobble, you could be liable if a potential buyer has a mishap in your home while walking through.  Luckily, this is an easy fix.  Make sure railing are properly secured by tightening all loose bolts and replacing where necessary.

HVAC Units

HVAC units are another big concern for potential buyers due to the cost of repair or replacement. Have the unit serviced and cleaned, including changing the air filter.   

Light Bulbs

This may seem insignificant, but when you receive a home inspection report that states “hire a licensed electrician for further inspection” just because the bulb is burnt out or missing, you have just cost yourself some money. You don't want to give the impression that there is a larger electrical issue at your house, so make sure all the bulbs are working before you sell your house. And use the appropriate wattage for the fixture. 

Even though these 7 simple repairs may seem insignificant, they can be a deal-maker or deal-breaker when you want to sell your house.  Ultimately, though, to get top dollar for your house, you may need to do quite a bit more than the 7 repairs.  However, if you are short on cash and want to sell your house fast, these will be great fixes.

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Jennifer Shenbaum

Written by Jennifer Shenbaum

Jennifer Shenbaum is a real estate investor based in Southern California. She is a veteran of the housing market crash of 2007. Best of all, she offers free remodeling ideas to all who ask.

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