How to Sell a House With Unpermitted Work in Los Angeles

So, you need to sell your house, and you’re aware of unpermitted work that was done on your home. If you find yourself in this situation, and you are unsure what steps to take to get started, you’re among many homeowners who have been in the same spot. In any real estate transaction, disclosure is a serious legal matter, and you could find yourself in legal hot water if the work that is unpermitted is discovered after the sale. 

No need to worry! We will explore how to sell a house with unpermitted work in Los Angeles.

Retroactive Permitting

Unpermitted work should be inspected and brought up to code. These codes exist for the safety of the home’s occupants and of the surrounding properties. However, homeowners are often overwhelmed by the cost of having the previous work removed and the project completed under a retroactive permit when they want to sell a house with unpermitted work in Los Angeles. Remember, the county or city building department may also charge fees for the unpermitted work, and you could face problems with your insurance company as well. You need to consider the time it will take for the job to be completed properly and the expense of the work itself. Also, when you’re adding up the costs to fix the problems, when you’re holding property, time is money. Any mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance charges will continue to pour in month after month, not to mention the commissions, fees, and marketing expenses you’ll need to pay, too. If you select this route, seek guidance through the complex process of retroactive permitting. Another question to answer is: “how long the home may be on the market when it is ready to sell?” If time is of the essence, consider a direct sale to Jennifer Buys Houses because the closing could happen in a matter of days. We buy properties all the time with unpermitted work, and we understand what it takes to bring it up to code.


Because it may require a tremendous outlay of cash, another option to consider selling as-is to sell a house with unpermitted work in Los Angeles. When you go about pricing your home, consider valuing the home as if the addition doesn’t exist. For instance, if you find an unpermitted additional office space was added to the house, deduct the value from comparable homes with a private office space. Unfortunately, a great deal of time with the home on the market may have already passed if an inspector discovered the unpermitted work during the inspection phase of a sale. When a buyer seeks financing, and an inspection reveals the issue, the lender will deny the loan. Contacting a trusted professional to help you assess how much to discount for the buyer’s problems might help you set an asking price that won’t turn the select pool of buyers you want away. Because direct buyers have the power of cash, the closing is guaranteed when you work with professional investors like those at Jennifer Buys Houses. 

Jennifer Buys Houses

A direct sale to Jennifer Buys Houses may be the best option for you to sell a house with unpermitted work in Los Angeles. At Jennifer Buys Houses, we work with simple, straightforward contracts and take the time to listen to the problems you face and offer solutions to help. Then, with the power of cash backing Jennifer Buys Houses, you can close in a matter of days or delay the closing if you need a few more weeks to make your plans.  The direct buyers at Jennifer Buys Houses will explain every step of the process. Jennifer Buys Houses will even explain how much you would realize from the sale if you were to list with a traditional real estate agent versus working with us. When you work with a direct buyer from Jennifer Buys Houses, our goal is that you agree that our offer is fair for your home as-is. Call Jennifer Buys Houses at (424) 242-9304 or send us a message today!

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