How To Avoid Real Estate Agent Commissions When Selling in Los Angeles

Avoid Real Estate Agent CommissionsAre you ready to sell a Los Angeles property? Before you decide on which real estate agent to use and before you sign a 6-month listing agreement, you should take the time to learn more about what selling directly to a professional buyer. For many people who are selling their house in the Los Angeles area, it is often a better, more beneficial decision to sell to a professional buyer! In reading this post, you will learn how you can avoid agent commissions when selling your California house.

You Can Avoid Real Estate Agent Commissions

If you are thinking about selling your Los Angeles house, you must be prepared for some high commissions if you choose to work with a real estate agent. Commissions can account for over 6% of your final sale price… this equates to tens of thousands of dollars. For example, a $500,000 house sale will result in $30,000 in real estate commissions that you, the seller, are responsible for paying. In this blog post, we will help you learn how you can avoid real estate agent commissions when selling your Los Angeles area house. And with so many houses worth $1 million or more, now you are looking at over $60,000 in commissions. That’s a lot of money!

The Direct Sale Process

Many people think selling their house to a direct buyer equates to selling their home to pennies on the dollar, however, this simply isn’t the case. Yes, our offers are less then what you might see on the MLS, however, the amount of time and money you will save will often negate the difference. To get started on your offer, we only need to know some basic property information. We will run a CMA, or comparative market analysis, to determine the value of your home. We will make an appointment to view the house at a time that is the most convenient for you. After factoring in any repairs that might be needed, we will make you a fair and honest offer for your Los Angeles house. It is completely up to you what happens next. You can either choose to sell to us or pursue a sale using different methods. Either way, you will gain valuable insight into the true value of your Los Angeles home!

The Benefits of Selling to a Professional Home Buyer

Not only will a direct sale to a professional buyer save you a months of time, but it will also save you a large amount of cash! You will not need to make repairs to the house and most importantly, the upgrades to keep it looking competitive with the other houses currently on the market in your area. If you list your house on the MLS, you will most likely want to make some repairs upfront before listing, then you will also have to deal with any negotiated repairs after the home inspection. This can be a really big deal because once you are in escrow, you don’t want to have to cancel escrow and start over. You don’t want the stigma of a house that fell out of escrow. You are basically vulnerable when you are in escrow and need to negotiate costly repairs. Another benefit of selling to a professional buyer is you will not need to do any cleaning, simply take what you wish to keep and we will handle the rest. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay anything in order to sell your house. We take care of all the details so that you can keep more cash in your pocket.

A Direct Sale versus Listing on the MLS

Listing a Los Angeles house on the MLS comes with absolutely no guarantees. This can be frustrating for people who are ready to move or for people trying to guarantee that they net a certain amount of money on the sale of their house. You will need to be extra patient while you wait for a qualified and interested buyer who may never show up. You might have to sell your house for less than you had planned and you will be losing money each month by paying for things such as utilities, property tax, and homeowners insurance. Not to mention, selling in a buyer’s market or when interest rates are going up. Buyers can afford less of a mortgage every time interest rates go up. When you decide on a direct sale, none of those factors come into play. You will be able to sell quickly, for a great price, knowing exactly when the closing date will occur. Keep in mind that not all direct buyers are equal. Before you agree to a sale, make sure there are no hidden costs or additional hoops to jump through or a lengthy escrow. That’s why it can make sense to sell directly to a professional home buyer, like us.

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