Top 6 Landscaping Tips For Home Sellers In Torrance

As a home seller, you don’t want to waste your time and money with high-maintenance landscaping. In our latest post, you’ll learn about cost-effective landscaping tips to maximize your curb appeal without breaking the bank.landscaping tips

Landscaping can have a huge effect on your ability to quickly sell a home. Curb appeal – it’s the first thing people see when they come to see the home. First impressions are extremely important when marketing a house for sale. Home buyers will often decide whether they are going to purchase or not within the first few seconds of seeing a house. Having cost-effective landscaping will help bring more attention to your house. Continue reading to see some of the best landscaping tips for achieving awesome curb appeal without a huge investment.

Use The Right Lighting

Just like the interior of your house, using the right lighting can help to add interest and highlight certain features within your yard. Remember, many home sellers work full-time and so their first opportunity to come and see your house may be at night. There are all kinds of different lighting types and fixtures you can choose. Lighting will really set the mood. By using smart lighting choices, you’ll create an area where people will want to be. Think of creative lighting techniques that are also functional. You’ll want to make sure paths and walkways are well lit, without using lighting that is too harsh or industrial.

Keep Some Things Hidden

Some fixtures we use on a daily basis can also be eyesores. AC units, pool equipment, trash cans, and utility boxes don’t always go with the design of the yard. These items can easily be hidden with a small cabinet or a few plants or shrubs. Sometimes by simply eliminating an eyesore, the entire ambiance of an area can be changed. Try to hide these things in order to make the area appear more welcoming and inviting. Landscaping tips like this become efficient “miracle workers” when there is something that needs to be hidden or when there is an area that needs to be less distracting.

Add Some Edges

Adding a border will instantly help to create flower beds and designated areas throughout your yard. There are all kinds of materials you can find that allow you to create a border yourself. Small fencing, bricks, plastic barriers, or even rocks from your own yard, can be used to separate a garden from everything else. Once the barrier is up, you’ll just need to add a few plants, some mulch, and you’re done. Your yard will appear professionally designed, without much cost or effort.

Mulch Alternatives

When mulching your garden, you can use free alternatives to traditional, and sometimes expensive store-bought mulch. Leaves, grass clippings and even in some cases, stone, can all be used to mulch. Plus, all of these items are already in your house or yard. By using what you already have, you’ll save some money and a trip to the garden center.

Make a Path

Whether you use stones, gravel, wood, or stepping stones, adding a path will create interest and offer additional functionality. You can make your own stepping stones to add even more customization to the area. Pavers and brick are relatively inexpensive and durable ways to create a path that will stand the test of time. By creating a path, you’ll add interest and be able to connect two areas, such as a path from the shed to the garden.

Choose Perennials

Potential home buyers will like the idea that they won’t need to replant a garden year after year in order to keep it looking nice. You’ll want to choose plants that come back year after year, without much effort. Once the plants are strong, you can even divide them, slowly adding more greenery to an area, all from one original plant. A few great perennials include peonies, daylilies, daisies and hydrangeas, which all come back year after year with minimal effort.

Using these quick and easy landscaping tips will save you time and money, but most importantly, will help you create amazing outside appeal for many potential home buyers.

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