7 Simple Repairs to Make Before Selling Your House

Selling Your House Even if you are not planning on remodeling your house for top-dollar, you should still do a few repairs to get the house ready to sell.  Here are top 7 simple repairs to consider before selling your house. And keep in mind, these are only the common repairs. It’s worthwhile to have a … Continued

Sell a house in Gardena

Mandatory “Truth in Sales” Report When You Sell a House in Gardena

How to Sell Your House in Gardena Successfully Truth in Sales When you sell a house in Gardena, there are some steps that must be taken to ensure that you provide “Truth in Sales”.  The City of Gardena requires sellers to obtain a “Property Information Report”.  These reports are valid for 6 months and are not required … Continued

Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety

Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Safety For Your Home For many of us living in California, thoughts of “The Big One” linger in our minds. Even more so today. How many earthquakes in the past seven days alone have you read about? Also, I can’t help but wonder about all the people affected by two significant earthquakes struck Mexico in … Continued

Top 5 Steps to Transforming an Ugly House

How to make an ugly house pretty I don’t know what it is, but I have an affinity for buying ugly houses. I like them and see “potential” for an ugly to pretty transformation. Even when we bought our personal residence, my husband thought it was cringe-worthy. I wouldn’t have said that my house was ugly, … Continued

rehabbing a house

6 Biggest Cost Issues in Rehabbing a House

What are the biggest cost issue in rehabbing a house? It’s a 50/50 toss-up between people who know what it costs to remodel a house to sell and those who “think” they know what it costs. Homeowners who are thinking of selling their house typically fall into the category of only “thinking” they know what is … Continued

Earthquake Retrofitting in Los Angeles

Earthquake retrofitting is mandatory when selling a house in Los Angeles. If you are planning on selling your home in Los Angeles, you are responsible for performing a retrofit. The City of Los Angeles Retrofitting Code Requirements are mandatory to close your escrow. What does a retrofit include?   The following items are required to be … Continued

What You Must Know About REAP in Los Angeles

Recently, I attended a REAP Workshop hosted by the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department.  The department puts on information workshops every month that are worth attending if you have received a notice regarding REAP.  The city officials, as well as the third party resources who attended, were all VERY helpful, kind and knowledgeable. … Continued

Online Paint Tool

The Best Online Paint Tools to Kickstart Your Next Paint Job

Using The Best Online Paint Tools Nothing says clean and new like a fresh coat of paint, whether it’s your home’s interior or the exterior.  If you are preparing your house for sale then I highly recommend that you paint your house. That goes for both inside and outside. Why? To put it simply, paint … Continued

house needs repairs

My House Needs Repairs (Lots of Them)

My house needs repairs, what should I do? Often, I am contacted by a homeowner whose house needs repairs, usually many repairs. At first, the repairs might seem small and easy to manage by doing the repairs yourself or by calling a handyman.  After a while though, these repairs can become expensive.  You can end up … Continued