7 Ways Selling Your House Directly Will Benefit You in Los Angeles

7 Ways Selling Your House Directly Will Benefit You in Los Angeles

Are you thinking about selling your house directly in Los Angeles? Selling your house to a buyer directly is a great way to go. In our latest post, we will discuss the many ways a sale directly to the buyer can benefit you!

Many people think that in order to successfully sell their house, they will need to hire an agent, remodel the house completely, list the property, leave their home during all the showings and open houses and most of all, wait patiently. However, this is definitely not the only way to sell a house. There is a much simpler way to sell your house and that involves working with a direct buyer such as Jennifer Buys Houses. Not all buyers are the same, so make sure to do your homework before choosing the right buyer for you!

1. Save Money On Repairs

With a direct sale to a professional buyer like Jennifer Buys Houses, you won’t have to spend any money making repairs to the house. When you list your property, time and money are spent preparing the house for market. You can avoid these costs by selling your house to us in as-is condition! That’s the first benefit of selling your house directly to a professional home buyer.

2. No Commissions or Agent Fees

In addition to saving money making repairs, you will also save a fortune at closing. When you sell on your own, agent commissions and fees don’t exist. Commissions typically run about 6% of the final sale price, which can equate to tens of thousands of dollars you will need to pay as the seller.

3. End Financial Obligation

By selling directly to a buyer, you will likely be able to close within only a few days. This means you are that much closer to no longer being responsible for the property taxes, the homeowner’s insurance, the utility bills or any of the monthly maintenance costs. Every day that you hold on to a house it is costing you money. By selling now, instead of months down the road, you will have the potential to save a small fortune!

4. No Waiting Around

When you list your house you are really just gambling. You are putting the house out there, hoping a buyer will come along to pay the price that you want. There are no guarantees that this will happen. This process could take weeks or months, leaving you stuck in limbo, not knowing what will happen next. When you sell to us, you will know the closing date and the final sale price from day one, no surprises. You will be able to plan ahead and take comfort in knowing the house is SOLD!

5. No Cleaning

Yes, we handle that too! We want the process to be easy for you. We don’t ask you to do anything to the house and this includes cleaning it! We clean and repair every house we buy, restoring it to its old glory. You don’t need to do anything to sell. Simply pack and take the items you want to keep, leave what you don’t want and we will handle the rest!

6. You Pick The Closing Date

Whether you want to close in days or weeks, we will make it happen. We leave the closing date completely up to you so you can move and sell at your convenience. Some people are ready to sell in 7 days, while others may need more time to sort everything out. We never put any pressure on you to move. We want to help make this transition go as easily as possible for you!

7. You Don’t Have To Worry About The Sale Falling Through

We are direct, cash buyers who do not need to seek the help of a lender to buy your house. This means the sale is not contingent on an appraisal from a lender. You don’t have to worry about financing falling through, we have the cash in hand to pay you for your Los Angeles house today! Knowing this can provide peace-of-mind through a sometimes stressful phase of your life!

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