“You know your house inside-and-out, but do you know the best way to sell it?”

As I mentioned in my email, being proactive about selling your house is absolutely the BEST thing you can do. You will have done your best when you’ve created choices and options for yourself.

After explaining my situation, I was immediately comforted by Jennifer’s kindness and knowledge. She even helped me understand some of the items on my mom’s loan statement. Working with Jennifer was the easiest task of all I had to deal with my mom’s estate.

Unfortunately, many people wait until the last minute to sell even though they know they should have started the process earlier. Procrastinating on big decisions is typical, and you are not alone. I get it and I am guilty of procrastinating, as well.

Who wants to go through stress when it’s painful? It’s so much easier – at least, temporarily – to put it off. But we all know what happens when you put something off – it makes your situation way worse in the long run.

I think that’s why selling to an investor is such a great option for so many people. No headaches upon headaches (ie dealing with contractors, realtors, open houses, etc.).

I can’t say enough about the straightforward and honest way Jennifer handled everything.

So, let’s talk about your goals and see if it makes sense to move forward. If it doesn’t make sense now, no worries at all. Hopefully, you gained a bit of inside knowledge about your house, the current market or selling it in the future.