How do you calculate a fair price?

This is the most important part of the deal, the money at hand. It's also the trickiest part to figure out because we have to anticipate all the repairs. Who knows what lurks behind the walls? The good news for you is once we agree on a price, there is no more negotiating, no requests for repairs, just a done deal.

From the first time I spoke with Jennifer, I knew that she was the buyer I was willing to work with in the sale of our home. Even though we ran into a few minor issues during the process, she was very patient, and ready to help in any way she could to make the transition as smooth as possible. Very Professional! Thanks Again.


  • As you know, "comps" or comparable sales, are the best way to find a fair sales price.

  • Finding relevant comps - We use "like-kind" properties by size and types of upgrades.  It's criticial to use recent sales and closest distance from subject property.

  • Price per square foot - This has always been a second-tier choice for valuing a residential property.  There are too many variables that can effect this method.

  • Zestimate, Redfin and Trulia Estimates - All these websites offer their own value. But remember, it's just a automated value and doesn't take into account a property's condition.

Repair Costs, Sales Costs and Time to Sell

Besides finding the right comparable sales, our job is to estimate the repair costs, to calculate the sales costs and to anticipate the market factors when it's time to sell a home.

  • Pre-existing problems - Maybe your roof isn't leaking (yet) or you haven't noticed any major problems.  In today's market, most buyers want a house they don't have to worry about, nor do they have extra money to fix anything later.  Sellers are responsible for disclosing the condition of the home.
  • Sales costs - These are costly! You don't realize that sales costs can be 10% of the sales price of your house until you see a "Seller's Final Closing Statement". Remember, real estate agent commissions alone are typically the seller's responsibility and range from 4-6% of the final sales price.
  • Real estate market conditions - The market is always changing, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically.  Interest rates are bound to increase in the coming months and years.  Will that negatively effect the sales price of homes?
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If you are looking for a seamless transition, avoiding all the headaches and potential problems that can arise in a typical house sale, then you should consider selling your house to Jennifer.

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