Have you been making two house payments?  Can’t sell your property?  Don’t have time to sell your property? You may be at a critical point maintaining both of your properties or trying to keep up the payments on both.

In this topsy-turvy market, it may be too stressful to worry about costly repairs, non-paying tenants (not to mention the cost of trying to evict them), and making your mortgage payments. Waiting and waiting for the market to go up may be a losing proposition.  You may be losing valuable equity in your property by holding out for the market to go up. Many reports show that it’s going to be a long, rough recovery. Make sure you make an educated decision based on real numbers, not media hype.  Give us a call and we can talk about your options or click the link below to fill out our fast offer form. 

  • Whatever you decide to do, it’s best to act quickly.
  • Things have a way of getting worse if you aren’t actively working to make them better.
  • So contact us if you are serious about selling your house.
  • You can make it easy to sell your house fast.  
  • We will work through the process with you and be your house sale partner.  
  • Give us a try, just click the link below.

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