It's important to feel comfortable about selling your house, especially to an investor.  And having the necessary knowledge to make the right decision is key.  We want you to have all the answers before selling your house.

  1. Simple

    It's as SIMPLE as a phone call and a 15-minute tour of the house.

  2. Fast

    It's as FAST an escrow as documents can be generated (or slower, if that's what you need).

  3. Cash

    It's a CASH offer, no contingencies or loan approvals, no seller credits of any kind.

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"If you're thinking about selling your house to an investor, meet with several prospective ones, including Jennifer. I would be surprised if you didn't sell to her.

West Hollywood, CA
sell house

"Jennifer stood out from the many potential buyers for our trust's property. She was so professional that I had no doubt who I wanted to sell to, regardless of the final negotiated price. During the escrow process, The Shenbaum Group took care of everything and was always there to answer questions. Jennifer's concern for us removed any worries or doubts from the process, from beginning to end... which was done fast and on time! I cannot recommend The Shenbaum Group highly enough!!

La Puente, CA