Making a Cash Offer

Making an offer to buy your house boils down to a few simple steps.

A friendly phone call

  • Before seeing a property to make an offer.
  • It's best for us to have a chat about what you are looking to accomplish.

A meeting at your property

  • Next, it's time to schedule an appointment to see the property.
  • That appointment can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.
A strong offer within 24 hours
  • An offer can be made right after the tour or within 24 hours.
  • It just depends on what further research, if any, is needed to make you the best offer.

 After explaining my situation, we met at the house and I was immediately comforted by her kindness and knowledge. She even helped me understand some of the items on my mom's loan statement. Working with Jennifer was the easiest task of all I had to deal with my mom's estate.

Escrow Process

We always use a third-party escrow company to buy and sell property.  It's best to do this part right, especially when so much money is involved.

Escrow opens

  • After you sign the Purchase Agreement and return it to us, we send it to escrow with our deposit (that you get keep, if we don't perform).

Escrow Period

  • Escrow begins by ordering a title report, making a list of needed documents and preparing documents for each of us to sign.
Close of Escrow
  • We can close escrow really fast or give you the extra time you need.
  • When escrow closes, you get your money, breathe a sigh of relief and move on!

 My house needed major repairs and I did not want to put the time and money into it, so I decided to sell quickly.  I contacted a few other companies, but they either low balled me, or were too flaky.  Jennifer got back to me right away, and answered all my questions.  When she explained how easy the process was, I thought it was too good to be true and there must be a catch. No catch, just simple and straight forward.

Cash Offer

When does it make sense to sell to Jennifer?

If you are looking for a seamless transition, avoiding all the headaches and potential problems that can arise in a typical house sale, then you should consider selling your house to Jennifer.

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