House Need Expensive Repairs?

Can’t sell your house because it needs expensive repairs?  Or maybe it just needs minor cosmetic repairs. We’ve bought houses that needed complete makeovers. We’ve also bought houses loaded with junk, old belongings, and stuff that nobody wanted to clean up.

No problem, we take care of all of that. We even bought a house with a car that had no wheels. We had to get a flatbed and small crane to remove it. Again, no problem, we will handle it.

Here are three things to remember: 

  1. It is very hard, if not impossible, to sell a house in today’s market that isn’t fixed up.
  2. Repairs are costly, even if everything goes right AND you have a good contractor. And after all the repairs, you still have to sell the house.
  3. Selling a house takes time, and so will fixing the property yourself. What happens if you run out of money or time? The headache is never-ending. We enjoy renovating older, outdated houses to meet today’s standards.

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