We are family, so now what? 

Samuel owned a house with his mother. When she passed away, he moved out. It sat empty for a while.  Samuel's nephew asked if he and his family could move into the house for a short time.

  • No Rental Agreement - Samuel's family was going to stay for a short time, so Samuel did not have him sign a rental agreement or contract of any kind.  
  • Family and Tough Conversations - The nephew and his family stayed for 3 years, without paying even 50% of fair market rent or at all some months.  Samuel asked them to move out, but it was tough given the nephew wasn't working.
  • An Easier Solution - Samuel called me, I saw the house and met the nephew, too.  I made Samuel an offer, he accepted and then we talked to the nephew together.  We worked out a plan to give him some moving money and helped find him a place to rent.  It worked out well for everyone, especially Samuel.  He said it was such a relief to sell the house!
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