You may still be wondering if selling your house to a real estate investor is right for you.  Here are a few things to think about:

Are you concerned about the following?
  • The health of the housing market
  • You need money now
  • Expensive home repairs
It's easy to get a cash offer
  • Fill out the form at the right and we will start researching your property.
  • After a call and a visit, we put together an offer.  

You decide whether to accept the offer or not

  • Best part, there's never any pressure to accept our offer.  
  • So, there really isn't any reason not to contact us.
You move on with your decision
  • Hopefully, you find our offer reasonable and a great way to sell your house.  
  • Then we can open an escrow and you can begin thinking beyond the house.  It really is that easy!
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"I can't say enough about the straightforward and honest way I was handled by Jennifer. My condo had some major financial problems, which I disclosed to her, and she still made me what I considered a fair offer. Some other cash buyers might try to take advantage of the situation, but not her. The transaction was easy, and she really knows her business. I have recommended her to other people and I hope they will get in touch with her. They couldn't get anyone better!."


"Jennifer stood out from the many potential buyers for our trust's property. She was so professional that I had no doubt who I wanted to sell to, regardless of the final negotiated price. During the escrow process, The Shenbaum Group took care of everything
and was always there to answer questions. Jennifer's concern for us removed any worries or doubts from the process, from beginning to end... which was done fast and on time! I cannot recommend The Shenbaum Group highly enough!!