Jennifer Shenbaum

Jennifer Shenbaum

Founder & President, The Shenbaum Group, Inc.

Jennifer Shenbaum has been a real estate investor since 2005. It’s truly a passion of hers, one she didn’t start until she stopped working in the corporate world and was able to focus on it full-time. Prior to buying and selling houses, she worked as an executive recruiter for 10 years, helping to find talented leaders for Fortune 500 companies.

She truly feels blessed to be able to do something she enjoys, buying and fixing up houses and helping people in the process. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

 Jennifer enjoys talking to people and helping them to solve some of their house sale issues, regardless if she buys the house or not.

Jennifer was raised in the South Bay area of Southern California. Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC Riverside, a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from UC San Diego, and a Doctorate in Leadership and Management from Pepperdine University. She currently resides in Redondo Beach with her husband, a Fire Captain, and her three daughters. 


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