Robert S. inherited his grandparents' house in LA 

And that house needed quite a bit of work. Robert did not have $100,000+ to fix-up the house, the roof was starting to leak, and he and his fiancee had just moved to Pomona. 

  • He realized it was time to move on - Robert called me when he realized his plans had changed for the foreseeable future and he wasn't moving back to LA anytime soon.  
  • An offer was made - I made him an offer which he thought was fair, so he accepted the offer, signed the purchase agreement and we opened escrow.
  • While in escrow - To close escrow, Robert needed  to obtain a certified death certificate for his grandmother.   It wasn't as easy as expected, but I worked with Robert to make this process easier.  He was so appreciative for the extra effort on our part.  Escrow closed and all was well.
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