Selling a house can be easy

Easy Way to Sell a House

Most homeowners learn the hard way, by

  • Fixing up a house, only to run out of money (for a variety of reasons)
  • Signing a 6-month listing agreement with a real estate agent who "promised" a high sales price, only to sell it for much less MANY months later
  • Waiting for a market peak, only to be selling in a declining market for less than they wanted
  • Falling out of escrow once, twice or even three times (this one has happened to me numerous times)


  • It's easy to fill-out the form
  • Why not find out what the EASY answer is before commiting to any of the above?
  • The burden shifts from you to me, and you get to move on with your life (sounds kinda nice, doesn't it?)
  • I don't bite, I respect your decision to say "NO" to my offer and I would love to offer any insight that might be helpful to you
  • That's a great deal !

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