What 4 Top Renovations Will Help Sell My House Fast?

(May 18, 2015)

4 Top Renovations to get your house ready to sellWe buy houses that tend to need quite a bit of work in terms of remodeling, replacement of high cost items, such as a roof, plumbing systems, electrical panels.  Sometimes after I finish a remodel on one of our projects and I see what we spent, my jaw (still) drops.  Over budget, over timeframe, surprise problems, you name it, it happens, and I'm the professional.  You know the sign, "We Buy Ugly Houses", well, I have yet to see a really ugly house, but I have seen really ugly final budgets!

What is going to help sell my house fast?  

If you are selling a house that isn't a total fixer-upper, then you might just need to do some smart renovations.  I can narrow it down even more, concentrate on the kitchen and the master bedroom/bathroom.  After all, most liekly, that is where the owner of the house is going to be living mainly.

Updating an Outdated Kitchen

Aside from completely demolishing a kitchen and starting from scratch (costly), you can think about 4 things, new countertop and backsplash, painting or restaining the cabinets, new hardware, new appliances.  If you look at remodeling websites and magazines you can get a feel for what is in style.  I like to go traditional when the house is basic.  Traditional appeals to lots of people.

Freshing Up the Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Typically, there isn't much to do in a bedroom, but if there is an opportunity to replace closet doors with mirrored ones, that is always a great idea.  It makes the room look much bigger and tends to lighten it up, too.  The master bathroom is the other area to concentrate.  Try a new vanity and finished plumbing, as well as a new shower curtain or glass enclosure.  None of these should be overly expensive upgrades.  Yes, it will cost you, but it should also provide you with a great return on your money.  


This is the easiest of the renovations.  A fresh coat of paint inside and outside a home will make a house shine.  It can also help get rid of odors, believe it or not.  It's amazing what kind of odors "stick" to walls.  Choose neutral colors, not boring, just nice traditional colors.  Remember, you want to appeal to lots of people when you sell your house.

Clean Up

Ideally, this shouldn't cost anything if you do it yourself.  Clean up everywhere in the house, get rid of clutter and unnecessary items (even furniture), stage the house as though it's a "model home".  If you have carpets, have them steam-cleaned (or replaced if it's really old).  Do the same outside by trimming trees and hedges, raking up leaves, pulling weeds, getting rid of disgarded items (you know all that broken stuff you put outside where it's out-of-sight?

Sometimes, I get calls from homeowners who say, "I need to sell my house fast."  Sometimes, taking the time to do some light renovation is the better answer.  Not always, but sometimes.  Either way, it's good to talk about all the potential solutions before you sell your house.

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Jennifer Shenbaum

Written by Jennifer Shenbaum

Jennifer Shenbaum is a real estate investor based in Southern California. She is a veteran of the housing market crash of 2007. Best of all, she offers free remodeling ideas to all who ask.

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