Helpful Tips and Strategies on How to Sell Your House

(May 4, 2015)


Real estate, like any other business, has been experiencing continuous change and this is widely experienced by the agents, investors and owners. Not long ago, real estate was a goldmine for those who wanted to invest on sure money. But as the economy changes, so does the real estate market.  One day you would be holding a property with a high value, but within weeks, it can only be sold with little or no profit.  This happened to me in 2007.  Don't think that it can't or won't happen again.  Real estate is a cycle and it goes up and down, just like it always has.  When and to what degree?  That's the part we all try to plan on, but it's a guessing game.

The thought itself is very stressful for those real estate property owners who have properties that have been sitting unsold on the market for months. This can really be a huge dilemma for most families who are need of income through the profits of selling the property.  So, are you asking yourself how to sell your house fast?  Or do I put in the extra time and effort to sell it for more?

Help yourself by following these tips on selling a property with a much higher value.

Why are you selling the house?  The reasons for selling a home can greatly affect everything from the price of the property, to the length of time and the money used to get the property ready for sale. You can either walk away with the money or take time in putting the property up for sale.

Property owners should exploit their property’s sales potential. Appearance is very critical when it comes to property selling. If a homeowner wants to sell their property faster then leaving it as is and selling to an investor may be the better choice.  The first thing that potential buyers will be looking for in a property is the overall look and feel, which can create a greater emotional attachment to those buyers who have already seen the property. Wash the outside part of the house, trim the bushes and shrubs around the house, paint the home in neutral colors, and look for any broken and damaged items and have them repaired or replaced. Allow the buyers to imagine themselves living in their cozy and elegant new home.

Do your homework before setting the price. Because pricing either too high or too low can be very risky; remember that a potential buyer is looking at 16-20 homes at the same time and they are considering each property as a potential, which means that they have a lot of houses to compare to yours. If a property they are looking at has an unreasonable price compared to others, they will not take the property seriously. As a result, the property will be sitting on the market for a very long time.  Furthermore, new potential buyers might think that there is something wrong with the property.  

Look for an experienced real estate agent to represent you during negotiations. But, before you hire a real estate agent, know and prepare the questions to ask the them before hiring them. Good teamwork is also very important, and for the team to be successful, they should have clear communication regarding their plans and goals for selling the house.

Research your potential buyers. This will help through the negotiation process. It will also help you predict any issues that could arise during escrow.

These tips on how you can sell your house will only be effective if the owner is willing to walk the extra mile and make extra efforts in making the property more valuable in terms of aesthetics and overall condition before selling the property. 

If doing all of this extra work just doesn't make sense, that is okay, too.  You can still do well selling your home.  You can even avoid the gamble of doing more to your house, but not getting any more more money for it.  We buy houses from owners who know that it's the better way to sell a house for them.

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Jennifer Shenbaum

Written by Jennifer Shenbaum

Jennifer Shenbaum is a real estate investor based in Southern California. She is a veteran of the housing market crash of 2007. Best of all, she offers free remodeling ideas to all who ask.

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