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(June 8, 2012)

whitter houseSelling Your Whittier house?

This YouTube Video is hilarious! For those of you who really don't want to use a real estate agent to sell your Whittier house, then this video will certainly drive that point home. I think this spoof on a bad real estate agent is every seller's worst nightmare. But, at least this video is funny. I'm sure many of you have had similar experiences that aren't as funny.

Friday Funny

At some point, usually on Friday, I sit back and have to breathe deeply and find some humor in the week. Sometimes you just have to turn to YouTube to find that humor. So every Friday, check back to to see what we have found that is funny and real-estate related.

All Joking Aside

I recently sold a house in Whittier and had some good experiences with real estate agents. I also had some very interesting experiences and some not-so-good experiences. Luckily, my house was in perfect condition and vacant. So I didn't have to worry about agents or buyers looking at my personal items. I did however have someone take the napkin rings from place settings on the dining table. Really? As though I wouldn't notice.

I also had the house unlocked twice after showings. Who is locking up? And did I mention using the toilet, not flushing and leaving the toilet seat up? Or how about the back sliding door being left wide open for a day or so. Yes, this has all happened and happened many times.

I could go on and on about what I've seen. I guess I know why many home sellers don't want to use real estate agents. Not that they are all bad. That is absolutely not true. But I do understand as a seller myself, why you'd think twice before using an agent to sell your Whittier house.

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Jennifer Shenbaum

Written by Jennifer Shenbaum

Jennifer Shenbaum is a real estate investor based in Southern California. She is a veteran of the housing market crash of 2007. Best of all, she offers free remodeling ideas to all who ask.

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