Have you missed paying your property taxes for the last one or two years due to unemployment, illness or unforeseen circumstances? Sometimes, when it’s a matter of choosing between putting food on the table or paying the property taxes, the food wins.

Don’t worry…we are experts at sorting out taxes, property liens and judgments. 

If staying in the home is not an option, or you are just ready for a new start, you have a few options.  You can list the property with a real estate agent.  In time sensitive situations, we would rarely recommend this.  Listing a property could take months to sell and an additional 30 days to close escrow.  Another option would be to sell it to an investor, like us.  This is the fastest way to get cash in hand.  Escrow can close in as little as a week and you won’t have to pay any commissions, escrow fees, or open your house to strangers at open houses. You can be stress-free in a few weeks.

  • Give yourself options.
  • Call us now.
  • Why wait? Waiting will ruin your credit, decrease your equity, give you fewer options, and cause you a lot of stress. 
  • We promise to give you our honest opinion on what your best options are, even if it’s not selling to us.
  • You’ve already taken a positive step in looking at your options. 

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