Our Story

In 2006, when the real estate market was reaching a new all time high, Jennifer decided to become a real estate investor. The initial appeal was working for herself, flexibility in work/life balance, and a passion for remodeling.

The first 2 years were extremely tough, both financially and mentally. Jennifer had bought 2 houses in Riverside when the real estate market began to crash. Burdened with debt and a contractor who vanished midway through the remodel, Jennifer learned how difficult "flipping houses" could be. Not to mention having to sell each of the projects for a loss.

During the ten years since that very rough start, Jennifer has built a business based on the lessons learned during those "early days." The basis of The Shenbaum Group's professional work ethic is honesty, flexibility and kindness, even when tough decisions have to be made.

Sellers appreciate working with Jennifer because of her ability to bear the brunt of problems that might arise, taking much of the pressure off of the sellers.

Our Team

Jennifer Shenbaum

Jennifer Shenbaum

Jennifer is the proud owner of The Shenbaum Group, working with sellers all over Southern California. She makes a point of putting the seller's needs first and foremost.

Lauren Bobb

Lauren Bobb

Lauren manages the day-to-day operations of the projects, working closely with subcontractors, real estate agents, escrow officers and lenders.

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